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Kanetsune knives

Forged throughout an amazing 800 years of history, the Kanetsune knives are impressively strong, beautiful and exceedingly sharp. The Kitasho Company limited is the name behind this trusted brand, and they have been established since 1948 in Seki City, Japan (affectionately known as the city of blades). The company are actively and passionately enthused by their work, and continue to make a wide range of the finest swords, knives, cutlery, axes etc. The company uses three main types of steel in the production of their knives and swords. First of all there is White steel (known as Shirogami in Japan). This is a refined Carbon steel which does not contain any ingredients such as Blue steel. Secondly they use Blue steel (known as Aogami in Japan). With this steel they add Tungsten and Chromium to White steel. This makes the steel far more durable. Thirdly they use Super Blue Steel (known as Aogami Super in Japan). This is their highest grade of steel and has high levels of Carbon and Chrome to make it extremely strong, hard, resistant to corrosion and is able to keep a strong edge for long periods of time. They use the steel from Hitachi Metals Ltd, as their steels are high grade, and are often found in electronic devices. They also make Yasuki Hagane (YSS Yasuki speciality steel) for the cutlery industry. White steel has Rockwell hardness rating of 60-61, Blue steel has the 61-62 and super Blue steel has a 62-63 HRC rating. So when you want to experience supremely high quality knives and hunting tools, take a really close look at Kanetsune knives. You will definitely not be disappointed.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Kanetsune Large Petty - KT104Kanetsune Large Petty - KT104
Kanetsune Large Petty. 10 3/8 overall. 6 1/8" VG-10 33 layer Damascus steel blade. Full tang construction. Black wood handles."
Kanetsune Santoku - KT103Kanetsune Santoku - KT103
Kanetsune Santoku. 11 7/8 overall. 7 1/4" VG-10 33 layer Damascus steel blade. Full tang construction. Black wood handles."
Kanetsune Medium Gyuto - KT102Kanetsune Medium Gyuto - KT102
Kanetsune Medium Gyuto. 13 1/8 overall. 8 3/8" VG-10 33 layer Damascus steel blade. Full tang construction. Black wood handles."
Kanetsune Shun-2 Small - KB253Kanetsune Shun-2 Small - KB253
Kanetsune Shun-2 Medium - KB252Kanetsune Shun-2 Medium - KB252
Kanetsune Sabaki-2 - KB250Kanetsune Sabaki-2 - KB250
Kanetsune Sazanami Bokashi - KB249Kanetsune Sazanami Bokashi - KB249
Kanetsune Nishiki - KB224Kanetsune Nishiki - KB224
Kanetsune Nishiki. 9 1/2 overall. 4 3/4" 15 layer damascus blue steel blade. Oak handle with black cord wrap. Wooden sheath."
Kanetsune Hi - KB222Kanetsune Hi - KB222
Kanetsune Hi. 6 3/4 overall. 2 1/2" white steel blade. Leather sheath."
Kanetsune Seki Takumi-Katana Damascus Blue SteelKanetsune Seki Takumi-Katana Damascus Blue Steel
From Kanetsune Seki we bring you this the Kanetsune Takumi Katana KB219 Damascus Blue steel knife. Measuring 8 1/4 inches overall it's one knife you' simply adore looking at day after day. Takumi translates to master of craftsmen and Katana translates to Samurai sword.
Kanetsune Takumi-Yari - KB217Kanetsune Takumi-Yari - KB217
Kanetsune Takumi-Yari. 9 overall. 4 1/4" 15 layer damascus blue steel blade."
Kanetsune Akatsuki - KB213Kanetsune Akatsuki - KB213
Kanetsune Akatsuki. 9 1/2 overall. 5" white steel blade. Oak handle. Wooden sheath."
Kanetsune Asobi - KB212Kanetsune Asobi - KB212
Kanetsune Asobi. 11 overall. 6" 15 layer damascus blue steel blade. Parachhute cord wrapped handle."
Kanetsune Irodori - KB207Kanetsune Irodori - KB207
Kanetsune Irodori. 9 1/2 overall. 5" 15 layer damascus blue steel blade. Oak handle with red lacquer finish. Wooden sheath."
Kanetsune Sakura - KB201Kanetsune Sakura - KB201
Kanetsune Sakura. 9 1/2 overall. 5" 15 layer damascus blue steel blade. Cherry tree skin and oak handle. Wooden sheath."
Kanetsune Ryou-Takumi - Medium - KB146Kanetsune Ryou-Takumi - Medium - KB146
Kanetsune Yamashi - KB144Kanetsune Yamashi - KB144
Kanetsune Markiri - Medium - KB143Kanetsune Markiri - Medium - KB143
Kanetsune Nata Small - KB141Kanetsune Nata Small - KB141
Kanetsune Nata Medium - KB140Kanetsune Nata Medium - KB140
Kanetsune Nata Large - KB139Kanetsune Nata Large - KB139
Kanetsune Yoroi - KB128Kanetsune Yoroi - KB128
Kanetsune Yoroi. Blue Steel Magnolia Handle
Kanetsune Hana - KB120Kanetsune Hana - KB120
Kanetsune Hana. 26 1/4 overall. 18" white steel blade. Magnolia handle with black cord wrap. Wooden sheath."
Kanetsune Kiwami - KB119Kanetsune Kiwami - KB119
Kanetsune Kiwami. 14 overall. 8 1/4" super blue steel blade. Oak handle. Wooden sheath."
Kanetsune Waza - KB116Kanetsune Waza - KB116
Kanetsune Waza. 14 overall. 8 1/4" 15 layer damascus blue steel blade. Oak handle. Wooden sheath."
Kanetsune Encyou - KB247Kanetsune Encyou - KB247
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