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Books Hibben Knife Throwing Guide - UC882Books Hibben Knife Throwing Guide - UC882
Book Hibben Knife Guide. Throwing Guide 3rd Edition. Completely revised and updated with guide for throwing from any distance, choosing knives and building targets. From beginner to professional 64 pages in full color. Edited by C. Houston Price.
Books Combat Knife - BKR9Books Combat Knife - BKR9
Becker Combat Knife 15 overall. 9" black epoxy powder coated 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel blade. Black Grivory handles with lanyard hole. Full tang. Also includes all stainless one piece 5 1/4" utility knife with 2 1/4" blade. Black nylon belt sheath holds both knives."
Books Combat Utility - BKR7Books Combat Utility - BKR7
Becker Becker Combat Utility 12 3/4 overall. 7" black epoxy powder coated 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel blade. Black Grivory handles with lanyard hole. Full tang. Also includes all stainless one piece 5 1/4" utility knife with 2 1/4" blade. Black nylon belt sheath holds both knives."
Books Tac Tool - BKR3Books Tac Tool - BKR3
Becker Tac Tool 12 1/2 overall. Partially serrated 6 1/2" black epoxy powder coated 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel blade with seatbelt cutter on top edge. Black Grivory handles with lanyard hole. Full tang. Black glass reinforced nylon sheath."
Books Campanion - BKR2Books Campanion - BKR2
Becker Becker Companion 10 3/4 overall. 5" black epoxy powder coated 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel drop point blade. Black Grivory handles with lanyard hole. Full tang. Black glass reinforced nylon sheath."
Books EsKabar - BKR14Books EsKabar - BKR14
Becker EsKabar 7 overall. 3 1/8" drop point blade. 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel black epoxy powder coated construction with tang stamp (one on each side), "BK&T Ka-bar" and "Randall's Adventure® ESEE Since 1997". HRC 56-58. Lanyard ring. Black glass filled nylon friction release sheath with neck cord. This knife is a collaboration of the Ka-bar Becker Necker and the ESEE Izula. The best of both worlds! The name? They let one of their customer's name it."
Ka-Bar Becker Necker Full Tang Black 1095 Cro-VanKa-Bar Becker Necker Full Tang Black 1095 Cro-Van
Here is a modern interpretation of the Becker Necker. This modern version is the Ka-Bar Becker Necker BKR11. Heavy duty, full tang it's a strong contender that comes with it's own very strong sheath that is very secure.
Books Knife and Tomahawk Throwing - BK74Books Knife and Tomahawk Throwing - BK74
Book Knife and Tomahawk Throwing. By Harry K. McEvoy. 28 pages.
Books Zippo Collector’s Guide - BK52Books Zippo Collector’s Guide - BK52
Book Zippo Collector’s Guide 27 page booklet with collector info about Zippo lighters.
Books Knife Throwing - BK49Books Knife Throwing - BK49
Book Knife Throwing by Blackie Collins. 31 page paperback.
Books Knife Repair and Restoration - BK239Books Knife Repair and Restoration - BK239
Books Sheffield Exhibition Knives - BK230Books Sheffield Exhibition Knives - BK230
Books Native American Survival… - BK222Books Native American Survival… - BK222
Books Firearms Traps and Tools - BK220Books Firearms Traps and Tools - BK220
Books The Complete Jerky Book - BK217Books The Complete Jerky Book - BK217
Books Camp Cooking - A Practical… - BK216Books Camp Cooking - A Practical… - BK216
Books Step-by-Step Knifemaking - BK205Books Step-by-Step Knifemaking - BK205
Books Survival - BK201Books Survival - BK201
Books US Army Special Forces - BK198Books US Army Special Forces - BK198
Books First Aid for Soldiers - BK196Books First Aid for Soldiers - BK196
Books Survival Evasion and Recovery - BK195Books Survival Evasion and Recovery - BK195
Books Map Reading & Land Navigation - BK194Books Map Reading & Land Navigation - BK194
Books US Army Survival Manual - BK190Books US Army Survival Manual - BK190
Books The Self-Reliance Manifesto - BK187Books The Self-Reliance Manifesto - BK187
Book The Self-Reliance Manifesto - How to Survive Anything, Anywhere. By Len McDougall. 307 page paperback. Includes information on finding water, building a fire, stockpiling foot, preparing a bug-out bag, making a knife survival kit, orienteering, finding shelter, safeguarding against floods, dealing with chemical attacks, creating an emergency plan, edible and medicinal plants, fishing, snaring small animals, keeping food safe, using firearms, setting broken bones, tying knots and more.
Books Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide - BK186Books Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide - BK186
Books Living Off The Grid - BK185Books Living Off The Grid - BK185
Book Living Off The Grid. By Dave Black. 280 page paperback. A guide to creating and maintaining a self-reliant supply of energy, water, shelter and more. Also includes useful information on conservation, waste and several actual case studies.
Books Pocket First-Aid Field Guide - BK184Books Pocket First-Aid Field Guide - BK184
Book The Pocket First-Aid Field Guide - Treatment and Prevention of Outdoor Emergencies. By George E. Dvorchak, Jr., MD. 160 page handy, small size paperback. Contains practical advice for the on-the-go camper, hiker, fisherman, or hunter. Covers types of fractures, sprains and strains, suturing, risk factors for heart disease, choking, dealing with shock, fever, hydration, foot care, eyes and ears safety, mouth injuries, allergic reactions and much more.
Books Pocket Disaster Survival Guide - BK183Books Pocket Disaster Survival Guide - BK183
Book The Pocket Disaster Survival Guide - What to do When the Lights Go Out. By Harris J. Andrews and J. Alexander Bowers. 160 page handy, small size paperback. Enables you to be prepared for hurricanes and floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, terrorist attacks chemical emergencies and winter storms. Includes useful information on power and light sources; water and sanitation; food storage and cooking; communications; evacuation; pets; emergency kits and more.
Books Complete Guide Edible Plants - BK182Books Complete Guide Edible Plants - BK182
Book The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants - Department of the Army. 143 page paperback. Includes sections on plants for medicine and poisonous plants plus many color photos.
Books Surv Skills/Tactics/Techniques - BK161Books Surv Skills/Tactics/Techniques - BK161
Book U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics & Techniques. 954 pages. Everything you will ever need to know in order to survive. Includes techniques on first aid; survival in the hottest or coldest of climates; finding or building life-saving shelters; surviving nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks; physical and mental fitness, and how to find food and water anywhere, anytime.
Books USAF Survival Handbook - BK158Books USAF Survival Handbook - BK158
Book U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook. 579 pages. Detailing specific survival threats at sea, in the tropics, in the desert, in Arctic conditions, and the psychological perils of imprisonment and torture.
Books Ranger Handbook - BK156Books Ranger Handbook - BK156
Book US Army Ranger Handbook 218 pages. Gives modern soldiers the best advice possible. It covers deception, stealth, communications, escape and evasion, ambush operations, perimeter defense, counterintelligence and more.
Books Sporting Knives 2003 - BK116Books Sporting Knives 2003 - BK116
Book Sporting Knives 2003 Edited by Joe Kertzman. Authorities provide new product reports on the various major knife categories: folding, fixed, pocket, multi-tool, fantasy and more. 272 page paperback. Over 700 b/w photos.
Books Remora - BKR13Books Remora - BKR13
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