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Xikar cigar products

Xikar cigar products have kept the passion for cigars burning strongly and have made life more accommodating for millions of cigar lovers around the world. The company has also expanded their product range in recent years to offer complementary products which include cigar lighters and knives that feature cigar cutter holes. There are even multi-tool cigar cutters, so if it is innovation you are looking for then it is time to step right into the 21st century with the Xikar cigar range of products. The company started out when Kurt Van Keppel was trying to find a decent cigar cutter, but felt let down by the poor quality of the cheaper products which already existed and was also disappointed with the more expensive models. He knew there was a gap for good quality cigar cutters at good prices. Together with Scott Almsberger they designed and hand assembled the Xi Cutter in their garages in late 1996 which took 6 months to develop. In 1998 they launched at the Retail Tobacconists Dealers Association trade show in August 1998 and just 3 months later more than 350 retailers were carrying the Xikar cigar cutter. They even received their patents the same year, in November 1998, sheer proof that a great idea can come to life. If cigars are your thing then you will be very impressed with what we have got listed below.
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