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Wrangler knives

Wrangler is a name which is known by virtually every American man, woman and child, and millions more all around the world. Famous for their legendary jeans, they have also produced products for the great outdoors, for the very people who wear their jeans. They are part of the VF corporation and made their very first pair of jeans in 1943. Stepping back in time to 1897 when 20 year old C.C. Hudson left spring hill farm in Williamson County looking for work, he went to the textile industry and found work sewing on buttons in Greensboro, North Carolina and got paid a mighty 25 cents a day. In 1904 the company closed and so he and others purchased some of the sewing machines, and along with his brother Homer they formed the Hudson Overall company. In 1919 they changed their name to the Blue Bell Overall company. Later the company was acquired by Big Ben Manufacturing of Kentucky for $585,000, keeping the Blue Bell name, along with its headquarters in Greensboro. In 1936 they introduced the Super Big Ben overalls that featured a new benchmark for standards – 100% sanforized fabric that reduced shrinkage to less than 1%. In 1943, Blue Bell acquired the Casey Jones company, and with it, their rarely used name called Wrangler. Cowboys loved their jeans, and this paved the way for the brand we know today and the related products. The Wrangler knife collection is testament to the unfaltering passion and raw ability that embodies this brand. People who work outdoors appreciate the name and enjoy their knives. All this from a pair of jeans!
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