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Winchester knives / multitools

When you utter the word “Winchester”, it is one of those iconic brands you instantly recognize. The company has been in existence for more than 140 years, taking its roots right back to 1866 when they were first founded. Most commonly known for its ammunition and its gun that won the West, however they have also manufactured some of the finest hunting sports knives, fishing tackle and other hand tools. This New Haven company was purchased by the Olin interests which propelled it into the big league. John Olin had his name on more than 20 patents and this success drew them into the production of quality knives and fishing tackle. So when quality is the first thing you seek, a name that is as well known as Winchester is certainly reassuring. Everything they do and make has to pass very strict self imposed quality guidelines. You will find a range of other Winchester products including flashlights, binoculars, hunters dress kits and even zoom spotting scopes.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Winchester Lockback - G41788Winchester Lockback - G41788
Winchester Trapper - G41778Winchester Trapper - G41778
Winchester Folding Hunter - G41322Winchester Folding Hunter - G41322
Winchester Lasso Lockback - G1517Winchester Lasso Lockback - G1517
Gerber Freehand Multi-Plier. 5 1/8 closed. Stainless handles and heavy duty tools. Features needlenose pliers, wire cutter, crimper, wharncliff blade, Phillips screwdriver, small and large flat blade screwdrivers, industrial driver, serrated blade, ruler, can opener, bottle opener and lanyard loop. All tools lock. Black ballistic nylon sheath."
Winchester Silvertip Fixed Blade - G1515Winchester Silvertip Fixed Blade - G1515
Gerber Radius Multi-Plier. 4 7/8 closed. Ergonomic design. Larger size tools and blades deploy from the sides using opening assist system. Features needlenose pliers with wire cutters, cross-point screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, standard edge blade, scissors, bottle opener and wire stripper. Tools lock for safety. Oversized SoftGrip black and gray rubberized handles. Black nylon belt sheath. Boxed. Closeout!"
Winchester Blind Side Framelock - G1513Winchester Blind Side Framelock - G1513
Gerber Multi-Plier Freehand. Black. 5 closed heavy duty tool. Black finish stainless construction. Features needlenose pliers with pinch-style V-cut wire cutters, blade, saw, scissors, ruler, can opener, small flathead screwdriver, specialized industrial driver, bottle opener with large flathead edge, crosspoint screwdriver. Tools look for safety. Black nylon belt sheath. Boxed."
Winchester Winframe Multi Tool - G1507Winchester Winframe Multi Tool - G1507
Gerber Clutch Mini Tool Red. 2 1/2 closed. Red anodized aluminum handles. Stainless hardware. Tools include pliers, wire cutter, blade, large and small screwdrivers, tweezers, Phillips screwdriver, can opener, nail file/cleaner and key ring. Boxed."
Winchester Stainless and Wood Linerlock - G1335Winchester Stainless and Wood Linerlock - G1335
Winchester Linerlock. 4 closed. Stainless partially serrated blade with Winchester logo etching and thumb stud. Stainless handles with rich grain wood inlays. Lanyard hole. Stainless pocket clip. Made in China."
Winchester 22-41324 Folding Knife with Brass BolstersWinchester 22-41324 Folding Knife with Brass Bolsters
Winchester Lockback G1324. 2.47 inch locking clip blade 3 3/8 closed. Stainless clip blade etched with Winchester logo. Rich grain wood handles with brass bolsters. Lanyard hole.
Winchester Large Bowie - G1206Winchester Large Bowie - G1206
Winchester Large Bowie. 14 overall. 8 5/8" surgical stainless blade. Finger groove wood handle with brass guard and lanyard hole. Black nylon belt sheath."
Winchester Winchester Model 670. USA - BRK-CH1395
Winchester Winchester Elephant Toenail - BRK-CH1418
Winchester Winchester Toadsticker - BRK-CH1530
Winchester Winchester Sowbelly - BRK-CH523
Winchester Ironsight Framelock - BRK-G1506
Winchester Stagecoach - BRK-G1508
Winchester Barrens Fixed Blade - BRK-G1510
Winchester FMJ Linerlock - BRK-G1512
Winchester Defender Linerlock - BRK-G30001516
Winchester Single Shot Slip Joint - BRK-G3430
Winchester Multi Tool - BRK-WN14033CP
Winchester Framelock A/O G10/CF - BRK-WN14097
Winchester Framelock Black G10 - BRK-WN14098
Winchester Toothpick Brown Checkered Bone - BRK-WN19102C
Winchester Whittler Brown Checkered Bone - BRK-WN29046C
Winchester Trapper Brown Checkered Bone - BRK-WN2904C
Winchester Barlow Brown Checkered Bone - BRK-WN29120C
Winchester Trapper Brown Checkered Bone - BRK-WN29123C
Winchester Large Whittler Brown Checkered - BRK-WN39101C
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