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Wild Boar knives

Wild Boar blades / knives is a brand owned by a talented knife maker known as Ray Simonson based in Toutle, WA, USA. It all started in 1995 when Ray opened a company called Kopromed where he proceeded to sell Polish Kopromed knives. Later down the line he made an important change when in 1998 he changed the company name to Wild Boar Blades. At this stage he also branched out into Okapi, Linder and even River Trader Knives, as well as making custom knives. If you want to experience the unique work of this custom knife maker and leather sheath designer then youve come to the right place.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Wild Boar Razorback Survival Knife - BRK-WB1033Wild Boar Razorback Survival Knife - BRK-WB1033
Wild Boar Fixed Blade - BRK-WB1005Wild Boar Fixed Blade - BRK-WB1005
Wild Boar Lockback Black - BRK-WB1019Wild Boar Lockback Black - BRK-WB1019
Wild Boar Knife And Lighter Holder A/O - BRK-WB1021Wild Boar Knife And Lighter Holder A/O - BRK-WB1021
Wild Boar Linerlock Black/Red A/O - BRK-WB1022Wild Boar Linerlock Black/Red A/O - BRK-WB1022
Wild Boar Tie Dye Throwing Knives - BRK-WB1023Wild Boar Tie Dye Throwing Knives - BRK-WB1023
Wild Boar Game Hangers 3pc - BRK-WB1024Wild Boar Game Hangers 3pc - BRK-WB1024
Wild Boar Skull Linerlock A/O - BRK-WB1026Wild Boar Skull Linerlock A/O - BRK-WB1026
Wild Boar Linerlock A/O Black - BRK-WB1027Wild Boar Linerlock A/O Black - BRK-WB1027
Wild Boar Trippi Linerlock - BRK-WB1034

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