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Western knives

Western knives are a brand of knives that were originally made by the Camillus cutlery company who sadly closed their doors for business on February 21st 2007. For now these knives are extremely limited in numbers so in order to grab a piece of genuine knife history, grab one of these as once they are gone they are most definitely gone. The origins of Western knives actually goes back much further though. Originally Western knives produced knives as far back as 1896 and were located in Boulder, Colorado. They made knives like their Brawny Bowie, fillet knives with Kraton handles and many more leather handle fixed blade hunting knives. In 1991 the company was bought by the Camillus cutlery company who sadly fell to the economic climate. See what we have available from the limited listings below.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Western Crosstrail Fixed Blade - BRK-W19161Western Crosstrail Fixed Blade - BRK-W19161
Western Coil Fixed Blade - BRK-W19123Western Coil Fixed Blade - BRK-W19123
Western Crosstrail Fixed Blade - BRK-W19162Western Crosstrail Fixed Blade - BRK-W19162
Western Blacktrax Linerlock - BRK-W19163Western Blacktrax Linerlock - BRK-W19163
Western Cross Trail Fixed Blade - BRK-W19247Western Cross Trail Fixed Blade - BRK-W19247

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