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Walkers ear products

For over 20 years, Walkers Game ear, Inc. has been one of the foremost manufacturers of game listening ear aids and also ear protection products. In all that time they have been innovating in the technology behind their products. Their designs are aimed at the avid outdoorsmen so that they can better hear game sounds while protecting their ears for sudden loud noises such as gunfire. The Walkers company have certainly given everything they know into all of their products and it shows in the offerings below. Being right on the edge and hearing a whisper a hundred feet away can mean all the difference in many aspects of life, but if you are a game hunter then the Walkers products will be just what you are looking for.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Walkers Ultra Ear BTE Deluxe - WGE11112Walkers Ultra Ear BTE Deluxe - WGE11112
Walkers Ultra Ear BTE Deluxe Hearing Amplifier. Increases hearing - hear a whisper up to 100 ft. away. Lightweight design fits behind either ear. Mild compression circuit helps muffle muzzle blasts. Adjustable volume control. Tone control tuning. dB limiting. Includes three different size ear tips. Also includes one soft brush and one plastic stick for cleaning. Uses three LR-44 batteries (included). Hang packaged. Made in China.
Walkers Range Shooting Folding Muff - BRK-WGE10499Walkers Range Shooting Folding Muff - BRK-WGE10499
Walkers Youth & Women Folding Muff - BRK-WGE10498Walkers Youth & Women Folding Muff - BRK-WGE10498
Walkers Game Ear Alpha 360 - WGE08442Walkers Game Ear Alpha 360 - WGE08442
Walkers Game Ear HD Power Elite - BRK-WGE08286Walkers Game Ear HD Power Elite - BRK-WGE08286
WGE08048 Walker Ultra Game Ear BTE 2 Pk Next G1 CamoWGE08048 Walker Ultra Game Ear BTE 2 Pk Next G1 Camo
Here is the WGE08048 Walker Ultra Game Ear BTE 2 pack Next G1 Camo. A set of two behind the ear camouflaged audio amplifiers which have many covert uses ranging from military through to game hunting. Either way, for the relative low cost, they offer great advantages.
Walkers Shooting Glasses - WGE07732Walkers Shooting Glasses - WGE07732
Walkers Shooting Glasses. W/Interchangeable Lens
Walkers Ultra Ear BTE Rechargeable - BRK-WGE01477Walkers Ultra Ear BTE Rechargeable - BRK-WGE01477
Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Muffs - BRK-WGE01475Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Muffs - BRK-WGE01475
Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Muff - BRK-WGE01474Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Muff - BRK-WGE01474
Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Muff - BRK-WGE01302Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Muff - BRK-WGE01302
Walkers Ultra Ear ITC Hearing Enhancer GWP-UE2002Walkers Ultra Ear ITC Hearing Enhancer GWP-UE2002
For the ultimate in sound amplification and noise protection, this Walkers Ultra Ear ITC WGE11116. This is a pack of two compact in-ear sound amplifiers/hearing enhancers. If you are hunting, in the field or shooting guns then this will help you a lot.
Walkers Game Ear Series Elite - WGE08283Walkers Game Ear Series Elite - WGE08283
Walkers Ultimate Power Muff Quads - BRK-WGE00829
Walkers Folding Kid Muff Blue - BRK-WGE01245
Walkers Folding Kid Muff Pink - BRK-WGE01247
Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Muffs - BRK-WGE01306
Walkers Razor XV Bluetooth Headset - BRK-WGE01345
Walkers Silencer Electronic Ear Buds - BRK-WGE01444
Walkers Ear Plug Display 58 Assorted - BRK-WGE01466
Walkers Razor Slim Passive Muffs - BRK-WGE01473
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