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Ultimate Equipment Knives

Fans of the classic 1911 firearm will love the Ultimate Equipment M1911 knife range. These knives are only ever crafted in small quantities so that the quality can remain extremely high. You are able to personalize your blade by simply swapping the grip over. You are able to ultimately give yourself a fully matching knife and pistol set through this combination. With patent pending hammerhead locks, these Ultimate Equipment knives capture the spirit of the classic firearm. They use military standard grips and grip screws and deliver an authentic experience youll never forget again. The first prototypes were crafted in 2008 and have since gone on to be transformed a number of times to become the high end precision made knife you see before you. October 2009 saw the first knives being made in China to precision specifications. These days, these custom knives are gaining a lot of popularity and are most certainly worth a closer look.
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