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Trumark slingshots represent evolution. When it comes to having fun or for sporting achievements, kids (and adults) have for many years chosen a slingshot (called a catapult, or Katapult in other parts of the world). Rather than be happy with a simple hand held slingshot, the enthusiasm of Howard Ellenburg and his sons drove him to create the first advanced slingshot in the winter of 1953 which was wrist-braced and allowed for more power to be put into each shot. The first offering was extremely primitive in design, but Ellenburg was on to a wining idea, and this increase in enthusiasm led to numerous design improvements. What started out as bent metal and a dog collar turned out into a wrap around metal brace with a recoil pad to help protect the shooters wrist. This second version turned into a commercial enterprise, being made in an old beer hall nestled in Duncan, Nebraska. Seeing Chinese finger trap tubes at a carnival gave them the idea to use latex for the band without the need for string or glue. It also brought the backward facing prongs to the design. These days Trumark has sold millions of slingshots and is widely regarded as one of the pioneers. You can find professional sporting slingshots that also have laser sighting and attachment for small compact torches. It sure is an evolutionary change from the original snowball throwing design that was made by Ellenburg to destroy friends defences all those years ago. See for yourself how the traditional slingshot grew up and became the world leader.
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