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Tru Hone sharpeners

Since 1973, Tru Hone sharpeners have been the sharpener of choice for professional and commercial knife users. It all began in 1972 when Fred Gangelhoff was selling Chicago cutlery knives in Florida. He was shown a state of the art small knife sharpener which he wasnt too impressed with. He knew he could do better and so used his knowledge to develop the Tru Hone knife sharpener with the help of some retired machinists. Their HG3 hollow grinder and their HR8 honer are part of their designs. The Tru Hone knife sharpeners are made in Ocala, Florida, USA, still as a family owned business. If you are a professional then the Tru Hone knife sharpener will make life easier and quicker. Knife sharpening need to not be a tiresome and laborious process. See for yourself and explore below.
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Tru Hone Commercial Electric Sharpener - THLCTru Hone Commercial Electric Sharpener - THLC
Tru Hone Commercial Sharpener. Electric Sharpener. Takes less than one minute to put a perfect edge on a blade versus an average of 12 minutes using traditional sharpeners. The Tru Hone Sharpening System can also add up to 50% to the life of a knife because it removes as little metal as necessary to produce a sharp edge. Stainless case is easy to clean.
Tru Hone Heavy Commercial Sharpener - BRK-THHCTru Hone Heavy Commercial Sharpener - BRK-THHC

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