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Triple Eight knives

Triple eight professional are a design team based in San Diego, California. Their professional designs are not to be sneezed at because inside each one of them comes a huge amount or raw talent and passion that never wanes. Behind the name you will find the likes of Roy Huntingdon, a retired police officer who has written about knife design for more than 20 years. His designs are fantastic, notably his Triple Eight SurvivIt Tool. Then there is Kirk Rexroat. His designs are so good that they often fetch more than $2500 each. The clean line of his blades offer an excellent level of fit and finish. He has made the WrightKnife and the SOL knife. Then there is Greg Lightfoot (of Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada and is named as one of the top 10 knife designers in the world. Whether it is a rugged fixed blade or a folder, his designs flow and appeal to many. Take a closer look below at the offerings of triple eight professional. These durable products are in use with many sectors from law enforcement through to military use.
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