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Tramontina machetes

Since 1911, Tramontina has been completely passionate about the people who work with and for them. Reliability, principles, partnership and respect have all formed the foundations that have paved the way for this Brazilian company. Below are the Tramontina Machete products. These days you will find the Tramontina brand name behind numerous products that have put them in more than 120 countries. This is the power behind a people-led company and the fact that it employs more than 6000 people who help with the production and marketing of more than 17,000 products. Youd expect nothing short of brilliant from a company whose foundations have been created on these principles, and this is evident with the products shown below. Whether you are an outdoorsman, hunter, hiker or camper you will appreciate the need for a great machete.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Tramontina Machete - TT522Tramontina Machete - TT522
Tramontina Machete. 28 overall. 22" carbon steel blade. Textured black plastic handle. Made in Brazil."
Tramontina Machete Wood - TT414Tramontina Machete Wood - TT414
Tramontina Machete Wood. 14. 19" overall. 14" carbon steel blade. Natural color hardwood handle. Made in Brazil."
Tramontina Diamant 15 Piece Set - TT756Tramontina Diamant 15 Piece Set - TT756
Tramontina Machete 20in - BRK-TT16020
Tramontina Machete 24in - BRK-TT16024
Tramontina Machete 12in - BRK-TT20012
Tramontina Bolo Machete - BRK-TT4014
Tramontina Sugar Cane Machete - BRK-TT50013
Tramontina Long Handle Machete - BRK-TT51013
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