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Supreme saws

Supreme products present to you some of the fastest cutting you will ever see. Their pocket folding chainsaw can cut through a 4 inch limb in under 20 seconds! The ultimate chainsaw is no longer a mechanical one but rather this non polluting one that must really be considered as a vital accessory for any outdoorsmens backpack or kit. The company is based in the USA and they boast impressive features that include bi-directional saw cuts that actually cut in both directions as you saw, cutting down on your time and energy expended – very handy if your energy levels are low and you need to create a shelter or fire for survival purposes. There is their ultimate pocket chainsaw and their ultimate unbelievable saw. Now you can cut from a variety of angles that you never thought were possible. In use with the military, much respect has been given to this ingenious concept. They are perfect for hikers, fishermen, hunters and home-owners who simply want to chop wood or clear space. The Supreme products company are situated in Sterling Height MI, proudly made in the USA.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Supreme Pocket Chainsaw - 1102Supreme Pocket Chainsaw - 1102
Supreme Pocket Chainsaw. World's fastest cutting pocket saw. Cut a 3 diameter limb in under 10 seconds. Made of high strength, heat treated steel coated for rust resistance. 28" long with 124 bidirectional cutting teeth. Comes with two handles. Hang packaged."
The Unbelievable Saw model 1109 by Supreme ProductsThe Unbelievable Saw model 1109 by Supreme Products
Supreme Unbelievable Saw. Faster and easier than any saw you have ever used. Cuts through 3 diameter limb in 20 seconds. Made of high strength, heat treated steel. Stays sharp almost indefinitely. 21" long with 92 bidirectional teeth coated for rust resistance. Comes with two handles."

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