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Steel Stag knives

Not everybody wants modern and cutting edge knives. Many people still yearn for those good old knives made by hand, following years of tradition, using much loved materials. These steel stag knives look superb and will look as handsome as any other knife when mounted in your sheath or your display case. When strength is paramount, consider full tang construction which embodies full length steel from the tip to the handle end with no weak points inherent, so you can as a result be as brutal or as forceful as you wish. Nobody or nothing will stand in your way for long and get away with it. Genuine Stag handles ensure you get the feel youve been looking for. Some people you cant get any closer to the action than when your knife is as close as it is ever going to be. Razor sharp steel, natural Stag and other refineries make this combination a much sought after blend of materials that is unlikely to ever go out of fashion.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Steel Stag Stag Hunter - SS7019Steel Stag Stag Hunter - SS7019
Steel Stag Short Skinner - SS7014Steel Stag Short Skinner - SS7014
Steel Stag Mountain Hunter - SS7005Steel Stag Mountain Hunter - SS7005
Steel Stag Mountain Hunter. 10 1/4 overall. 5 1/4" stainless blade. Genuine stag round design handle with brass finger guard and pommel. Black leather belt sheath."
Steel Stag Whitetail Skinner - SS7003Steel Stag Whitetail Skinner - SS7003
Steel Stag Whitetail Skinner. 8 1/4 overall. 3 5/8" stainless blade. Genuine stag round design handle with brass finger guard and pommel. Brown leather belt sheath."
Steel Stag Wild Stag Skinner - BRK-SS7028
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