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With nearly a centurys worth of history behind them, most people remember a Stanley bottle. Stanley manufacture some of the best food and beverage gear helping to fuel your day. Many people will be able to remember their grandparents having one around the house or on fishing trips, and despite knocks or drops, the quality carried on regardless. That is the beauty of a Stanley product. With strong Green ethics behind them, the company are committed to using recycled products wherever they can. Designed to perform and last in all manner of conditions, you get gear that is designed to last a lifetime. They are headquartered in Seattle, WA (the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix), manufactured in their Asian partnered factories and shipped all over the world. These days, Stanley have a parent company known as PMI (Pacific Market International - a Seattle based company) helping to drive the name forwards so even more generations can enjoy the brand.
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Stanley Classic Series Cardboard - BRK-STADISPLAYStanley Classic Series Cardboard - BRK-STADISPLAY

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