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Smiths Sharpeners

Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Smiths Two Step Knife Sharpener - AC87Smiths Two Step Knife Sharpener - AC87
Smith's Two Step Knife Sharp Sharpener features carbide and ceramic sharpening rods. Yellow plastic construction. Non slip rubber feet. Hang packaged.
Smiths Knife & Scissors Sharpener - AC85Smiths Knife & Scissors Sharpener - AC85
Smiths Knife & Scissor Sharp Sharpener features specially designed V shaped cutting slot with tungsten carbide inserts which allows for fast and easy sharpening. Black finger groove plastic handle with rubberized grip features floating ceramic sharpening rod for left or right handed scissors. Knuckle guard. Hang packaged.
Smiths Knife and Scissors Sharpener - AC60Smiths Knife and Scissors Sharpener - AC60
Smiths Knife & Scissor Sharpen Features specially designed V shaped cutting slot with tungsten carbide inserts which allows for fast and easy sharpening. Yellow finger groove plastic handle features floating ceramic sharpening rod for left or right handed scissors. Knuckle guard. Hang packaged.
Smiths Tri-Hone Sharpening System - AC166Smiths Tri-Hone Sharpening System - AC166
Smiths Two Stone Sharpening Kit - AC165Smiths Two Stone Sharpening Kit - AC165
Smiths Diamond Tri-Hone - AC158Smiths Diamond Tri-Hone - AC158
Smiths Diamond Sharpening Bench Stone - AC157Smiths Diamond Sharpening Bench Stone - AC157
Smiths Diamond Sharpening Bench Stone - AC156Smiths Diamond Sharpening Bench Stone - AC156
Smiths Ceramic Edge Pro Electric - AC153Smiths Ceramic Edge Pro Electric - AC153
Smiths Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener - AC150Smiths Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener - AC150
Smiths Edge Pro Pull-Thru Sharpener - AC149Smiths Edge Pro Pull-Thru Sharpener - AC149
Smiths Edge Pro Electric Sharpener - AC138Smiths Edge Pro Electric Sharpener - AC138
Smiths Edge Electric Sharpener Pro Compact. 8 overall. Sharpens straight edge knives. Synthetic wheel provides quick and easy sharpening. Blade guides hold knife at correct angle. Crossed ceramic rods for manual honing of final edge or quick touch up of already sharp blades. Black soft grip ergonomic handle. Non slip rubber base. Convenient removable power cord. Hang packaged."
Smiths Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener - AC134Smiths Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener - AC134
Smiths Pocket Pal Sharpener Multi-functional knife sharpener. 3 1/4 overall. Black ABS case. Features carbide blades to quickly set the edge, ceramic stones to finish the edge and a tapered diamond rod to sharpen serrated blades and guthooks. Hang packaged."
Smiths 3-in-1 Sharpening System - AC129Smiths 3-in-1 Sharpening System - AC129
Smiths 3-N-1 Sharpening System Black plastic base measures 8 x 2". Features pre-aligned carbides for quick edge setting, 750 grit interrupted surface diamond sharpener and pre-aligned ceramic sharpeners for sharpening standard and serrated blades. Rods store in base. Hang packaged."
Smiths Diamond Pocket Sharpener - AC123Smiths Diamond Pocket Sharpener - AC123
Smiths Diamond Pocket Size Pocket sharpener. 5 1/4 unbreakable diamond coated steel rod sharpens all types of knives including serrated. Variable length adjustment. Hook groove. Rod stores inside handle. Pocket clip. Hang packaged."
Smiths Combo Knife & Tool Sharpener - AC108Smiths Combo Knife & Tool Sharpener - AC108
Smiths Diamond Combo Sharpener Knife and Tool. Sharpening surface measures 4 x 1". Coarse (yellow) 325 grit is used for aggressive removal of metal to quickly restore dull edges. Fine (orange) 750 grit is ideal for putting a razor edge on knives or tools. Features multiple layers of micron sized diamonds in a unique overlapping hole design which speeds up the sharpening process by collecting and holding the metal filings which ordinarily build up during the sharpening process. Black plastic handle. Stones slides inside handle for storage. Hang packaged."
Smiths Diamond Sharpening Steel - AC106Smiths Diamond Sharpening Steel - AC106
Smiths Diamond Steel 10 Oval Rod features interrupted diamond surface to quickly sharpen all kitchen and household knives. Hones and realigns knife edge. Non-slip gray rubber handle with black oversized safety guard and metal hanging ring. Hang packaged."
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