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Skalja knives

Skalja knives are a range of knives manufactured by Laurent Doussot. He is well known for his custom knives and more recently his semi production knives known as ART-Tech. Laurent is a Canadian knifemaker who has developed some exceedingly exquisite looking knives that have really grabbed the attention of the knife community. In no uncertain terms, you can see why he is very popular. Take materials like Carbon Fiber handles, CPM154 steel and slide locks and you get some brilliant looking knives. In the past he was a Clay modeler / mold maker at Bombardier recreational products and BRP and was educated at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal. His love for knife making saw him design knives for sales since 1992 and SKALJA knives Inc was founded in 2004. Prepare yourself for amazement – these are superb.
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