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Silver Knives

Here are our Silver Stag range of knives. Proudly made in the USA, the knives are designed and made by sportsmen who live and breathe the outdoor life. They draw upon some of the most interesting materials for their knives, and these include the likes of Moose antler, Elk antler or North American Deer. Whether it is hunting, camping or fishing, their knives represent everything that symbolises the great outdoors. Because of their hands-on approach to knife making, no two knives will ever be the same. Added to this, each piece of horn will always have naturally occurring variations, so this virtually guarantees each knife will be unique. They incorporate hidden pins and epoxy adhesives to fix the handle to the blade. Each knife comes with a durable leather sheath. Why not see our offerings below and find out why this Pacific Northwest company put their timeless skills to the test with their knives. We also have knife stands and Silver coins in this collection. Take a closer look.
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