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Sheffield knives

Sheffield steel is widely acclaimed as being some of the best steel in the world when it comes to quality. For decades they have excelled in their workmanship and quality levels, and these Sheffield knives show this easily. J. Adams Ltd. are a family owned business who have made knives for more than 6 generations. They are the parent company for other established old brands that also include the likes of F.E & J.R Hopkinson Ltd (who were established on June 14th 1944), and also the John Nowill & Sons Ltd company (whose corporate name was granted by the Cutlers company of Hallamshire in 27th April 1700 A.D.) and also Austin McGillivray & Co. So for the finest in british made cutlery, have no fear ad jump right in to Sheffield knives. You will never look back because these are some of the best in the world. Enjoy our range below that include clasp knives, British Army knives, Paratrooper knives and even daggers!
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Sheffield Gen British Army Clasp Knife - SHE014Sheffield Gen British Army Clasp Knife - SHE014
Sheffield Sgian Dubh - SHE013Sheffield Sgian Dubh - SHE013
Sheffield Stiletto - SHE011Sheffield Stiletto - SHE011
Sheffield Throwing Knife - SHE010Sheffield Throwing Knife - SHE010
Sheffield Commando Dagger - SHE008Sheffield Commando Dagger - SHE008
Sheffield Commando Dagger - SHE007Sheffield Commando Dagger - SHE007
Sheffield Commando Dagger - SHE006Sheffield Commando Dagger - SHE006
Sheffield Israeli Commando Knife - SHE005Sheffield Israeli Commando Knife - SHE005
Sheffield Bowie - SHE002Sheffield Bowie - SHE002
Sheffield Bowie - SHE001Sheffield Bowie - SHE001
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