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Sharpeners Translucent Sharpening Stone - AC88Sharpeners Translucent Sharpening Stone - AC88
Sharpener Translucent Stone Stone 4 x 1 x 1/2 in a leather slip pouch. Measures 4 x 1". Leather slip pouch. Factory irregular."
Sharpeners Intruder QuikSharp - AC73Sharpeners Intruder QuikSharp - AC73
Sharpener Intruder QuikSharp Includes a tungsten carbide sharpener with two blades precisely aligned to shape the cutting edge of a knife and ceramic honing rods to put the final sharp edge on the blade. Red plastic finger grooved handle. Portable, lightweight and easy to use. Made in USA.
Sharpeners Combination Sharpening Stone - AC70Sharpeners Combination Sharpening Stone - AC70
Sharpener Combo Stone Features aluminum oxide stone on one side and Arkansas stone on the other. Measures 8 x 2" x 1/2". Includes sharpening guide."
Sharpener 11 Pro Hone AC52 3 Sharpening Stones OilSharpener 11 Pro Hone AC52 3 Sharpening Stones Oil
From XYZ brands comes this AC52 Sharpener Pro Hone sharpener. Proudly made in the U.S.A., the AC52 will take care of all your knife and edge sharpening requirements.
Sharpeners Pro Hone 8 inch - AC51Sharpeners Pro Hone 8 inch - AC51
Sharpener 8 Pro Hone Fine, medium and coarse carbide sharpening stones mounted on ABS plastic Tri Hone style holder. Fits into ABS plastic oil reservoir base with top cover. Comes with two bottles of special formula honing oil."
Sharpeners Tri Hone 6 inch - AC21Sharpeners Tri Hone 6 inch - AC21
Sharpener Tri Hone 6 stone Fine, medium and coarse grit. Rotating wood block. Comes with honing oil."
Sharpeners Tri Hone 4 inch - AC20Sharpeners Tri Hone 4 inch - AC20
Sharpener Tri Hone 4 stone. Fine, medium and coarse grit. Rotating wood block. Comes with honing oil."
Sharpeners Special Formula Honing Oil - AC19Sharpeners Special Formula Honing Oil - AC19
Sharpener Honing Oil Special Formula. 3 fluid ounce bottle. Sold in dozens only. Comes in countertop display.
Sharpeners Honing Kit - AC16Sharpeners Honing Kit - AC16
Sharpener Honing Kit Comes with 4 x 1 1/2" x 1/2" soft Arkansas and 3" x 1" x 1/4" hard Arkansas stones. Plastic storage box with honing oil."
Sharpeners Tri Hone 10 in - BRK-AC23
Sharpeners Arkansas Sticks - BRK-AC39
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