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Sentry knife care

When your knives, firearms and weapons need to be well lubricated, choose Sentry Solutions to work alongside you. The company has been around for more than 40 years and are currently based in Wilton, NH. They manufactured a 21st century dry film technology to help deal with the effects of corrosion, friction and wear. Their technology was quickly adopted by the military and also law enforcement personnel who needed to keep their weapons in prime condition. They make oil free products such as their Sentry Sol cloths which are great for people who work around saltwater or in places of high humidity. With more than 80 collective years of experience to draw upon in the areas of fluid and dry film lubricants in the aerospace industry, racing industry and other industrial sectors they have experience that has in the past dealt with non stick frying pans to rust proofing oil rigs. Their basic premise is this – dirt simply will not stick to equipment that has been lubricated with dry film. Take a look below and experience the revolution for yourself.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Sentry Smooth Kote ORMD Dry Lubricant and Bore TreatmentSentry Smooth Kote ORMD Dry Lubricant and Bore Treatment
Sentry Sol Smooth Kote ORMD Dry Lubricant and Bore Treatment. A revolutionary, fast-drying blend of solid lubricants. Provides a smooth, durable non-stick surface, replacing oils and silicones. 1/2 oz. bottle with precision applicator tip. To add this item to an internet order, input the item number and quantity into the special instructions field when you check out.
Sentry Marine Tuf Glide - SY1022Sentry Marine Tuf Glide - SY1022
Sentry Tuf-Cloth - SY1010Sentry Tuf-Cloth - SY1010
Sentry Sol Tuf-Cloth (12 x 12"/144 sq. in.) Revolutionary protection against rust, friction and wear for knives, firearms and all kinds of sports gear. A superior alternative to oil and silicone rags. Tuf-Cloth provides long lasting, lint free cleaning, lubrication and protection. Sentry uses a mixture of dry film corrosion inhibitors and lubricants to deliver a fast-drying, water-displacing Micro Bonding Crystal Barrier. The protection won’t wash off, will not attract dirt, or leave a slippery film. Tuf-Cloth out performs the competition thirteen to one in any weather condition. Use on wood, plastics and all types of metal. Excellent for fishing tackle, tools and all outdoor gear. Tuf-Cloths are made of a soft lint free fabric that is very durable. They come in re-sealable zip-lock vapor barrier storage pouches to assure long life."
Sentry Marine Tuf-Cloth - SY1021Sentry Marine Tuf-Cloth - SY1021
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