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Russell knives

Russell knives are a brand of knives that are steeped in rich American history. The Dexter-Russell, Inc. company is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the USA. The company succeeds the two oldest American cutlery manufacturers, namely the Harrington Cutlery company and also the John Russell Cutlery company. John Russell founded his Green River Works on march 1st 1834 and these knives pay tribute. Built on the banks of the Green River near Greenfield Massachusetts, he forged items using English steel, the kinds of things normally reserved for tableware. With the addition of knives the usage of premium products continued and through the payment of higher wages he was able to attract fine European cutlers to make large quantities of fine American hunting knives. The Harrington Cutlery company and the John Russell Cutlery company merged on May 1st 1933. Then two great names became one. Fine history to treasure. This is the case with these fantastic knives. Please enjoy.
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