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Rough Rider knives

The Rough Rider brand of knives pays a special heartfelt tribute to Teddy Roosevelts men. In 1898 during the summer, teddy had to assemble a cavalry that would be tough and courageous. He was going to be doing battle with the Spanish and needed men who had steely determination. From over 23,000 applicants he whittled it down to around 2000 men who were all hand picked. Then men came from all walks of life. When they eventually defeated the Spanish at the San Juan Hill battle, they became known as his Rough Riders and so the name pays tribute to the braveness exhibited by the cavalry. These knives are exquisitely strong and stunning and have some of the most pleasurable materials known to man. When you want a knife that is always ready and tough right to the end, choose a Rough Riders knife. You can depend upon them.
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