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Rock Creek knives

Rock Creek knives are Chinese knives that are bucking the trend and thought process where people automatically think a Chinese knife is poor quality. Not so the case with these very exciting knives. Finally! This is all down to the fact that CAS Hanwei are behind these knives. The company is extremely popular for its rich line of swords. Because of the fact that Chinese knives sometimes are made using poor materials, Hanwei decided to melt their own steels, and do something about it. The stereotypical conception of Chinese made knives needed overhauling. Rock Creek knives offer the best in Chinese made knives. They produce both fixed blade and folders in a wide range of exciting and exotic materials. We are talking about high-alloy steels (HWS-1 and HWS-2 and intricate detailing that make them look every bit as good as a one-off custom knife at three times the cost. Please take a look below, because you wil not see Chinese knives anywhere near as good as these knives.
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