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Robert Klaas Knives

For over 175 years, the Robert Klaas name has been synonymous with fine precision German Solingen Stainless steel knives and cutlery. They says tremendous growth in early years and gained a lot of reputation for their precision workmanship but in recent years they have had to fight off global recessions and hard times to remain competitive. They still make knives under their own name and also Kissing Crane knives and Hen & Rooster but often have to make the blades overseas in China where production costs are lower. If you still want some of the finest knives in the world then a Rob Klass knife is the way to go -you wont be disappointed at all. Some of the manufacturing and assembling is still done in Solingen, often by home workers, many of which are highly skilled former operatives. The name is important and the knives match the reputation of the name. The difference with the cheap mass-produced knives you find overseas that imitate brands like Robert Klass is immediately apparent. For example, Beschalungen precious woods (such as olive or bog oak root) as well as buffalo or deer horn are used. Why not find out why this name refuses to go down and why you should invest – see our listings below.
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