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Robert David Laquiole knives

Robert David Laguiole knives are French knives which bring a wonderful array of different materials for you to enjoy. The knives are hand forged. Laguiole is the name of a village situated in France where Laguiole knives were first manufactured in 1829. A knife with the name Laguiole generally must be French made to inherit the name. Robert David is the current managing director and also chairman of the Robert David Ltd company, based in Laguiole in France. Its a bit of a family tradition as his daughter Carloine Brossard is the general manager of the company. They make some of the most highly decorated knives that feature some of the best hand file work you will ever set your eyes upon. So if you are looking for unique and fantastic, choose a Robert David Creations knife. You wont be disappointed.
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