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Rite Edge Knives

If you are looking for affordable low cost knives with a good solid sharp edge then maybe the Rite Edge brand could be the one for you to consider for your next knife. They are a brand of brilliant hunting knives offer great quality and a superbly sharp edge. At this price you simply cannot go wrong. In essence you can almost throw them away should the knife fail or go dull because they are are so economically viable specially in hard economic times. If you are looking for a tough edge, chose the Rite Edge and you wont go wrong. They work as hard as you do and deliver power and robust cutting ability you can rely on. They are made overseas and carried by a number of distributors. In years gone by, the quality of overseas knife manufacturers was to say the least shaky, but things have really improved in recent years so you get a knife which can only be considered as a real bargain.
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Rite Edge Rainbow IV - CN210930Rite Edge Rainbow IV - CN210930
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