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Remington Knives

Remington knives are made by Remington Arms Company, Inc. The company was originally founded in 1816 in upstate New York, and these days they are headquartered in Madison, N.C. They are one of the nations oldest manufacturers. These days they produce a wide range of sporting goods products for shooting markets, hunting markets, law enforcement markets and even the military and government as well. They are the only U.S. manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products and are proudly one of the largest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles for the domestic markets. With sales in more than 55 overseas countries as well as extensive coverage across the USA, Remington are a trusted and tested brand you can depend upon. In our listings below we have a wide range of Remington knives, knife packs for holding several knives, ear defenders and even oil for blade maintenance. Taking a closer look at Remington knives makes a lot of sense.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Remington Rem Oil Lubricant ORMD - RM50Remington Rem Oil Lubricant ORMD - RM50
Remington 10 Oz Oil ORMD. Rem Oil with Teflon Lubricant. Superior for cleaning, lubrication and corrosion protection of fine sporting firearms. Provides long lasting lubrication for smooth, reliable gun functioning under all weather conditions. Excellent for all outdoor sports equipment - fishing tackle, boats and motors, bicycles, tools and camping equipment. Made in the U.S.A. 10 oz. spray can. ORM-D can not be shipped Air or International To add this item to an internet order, input the item number and quantity into the special instructions field when you check out.
Remington Folding Knife Pak 12 - AC115Remington Folding Knife Pak 12 - AC115
Remington Mini Dehumidifier - R950Remington Mini Dehumidifier - R950
Remington Mini Dehumidifier. 100% re-newable and has an approximate life span of 10 years. The Model 365 stops dampness without messy spills. Completely safe and won't damage clothes or valuables. Needs no power to operate. Uses Water Glass technology crystals. Hang packaged.
Remington Rem Oil Wipes ORMD - R411Remington Rem Oil Wipes ORMD - R411
Remington ORMD Rem® Oil Wipes. Contains 12 individual packets with it's own 6x8" Rem® Oil Wipe with Teflon® lubricant. Hang packaged. To add this item to an internet order, input the item number and quantity into the special instructions field when you check out."
Remington Model 500 Mini Dehumidifier - R19946Remington Model 500 Mini Dehumidifier - R19946
Remington Moistureguard Rem Cloth - R19902Remington Moistureguard Rem Cloth - R19902
Remington Moistureguard Cloth. Rem Cloth. Measures 10 x 10". Cloth is saturated with Rem Oil with VCL. Useful for wiping down firearms, knives, tools, fishing reels or metal surfaces for long term protection. Cleans, protects and lubricates. Safe on all metal surfaces (ferrous and non ferrous). Able to penetrate into the smallest cracks or crevices. Hang packaged."
Remington Sportsman FAST Fixed Blade - R19786Remington Sportsman FAST Fixed Blade - R19786
Remington Sportsman FAST Fixed Blade - R19784Remington Sportsman FAST Fixed Blade - R19784
Remington Sportsman FAST Framelock - R19771Remington Sportsman FAST Framelock - R19771
Remington Sportsman FAST Framelock - R19767Remington Sportsman FAST Framelock - R19767
Remington Sportsman FAST Fixed Blade - R19761Remington Sportsman FAST Fixed Blade - R19761
Remington Sportsman Guthook - R19312Remington Sportsman Guthook - R19312
Remington Sportsman Guthook Hunter. - Insignia Edition. 8 overall. 3 1/4" 440 stainless guthook blade. Full tang. Black laminated wood handles with brushed stainless bolster guard. Lanyard hole. Black leather belt sheath. Hang packaged."
Remington Fast Snap 20 ORMD - R19185Remington Fast Snap 20 ORMD - R19185
Remington Sportsman FAST Framelock - R19072Remington Sportsman FAST Framelock - R19072
Remington Sportsman FAST Framelock - R19068Remington Sportsman FAST Framelock - R19068
Remington 2012 Baby Bullet Knife - R18948Remington 2012 Baby Bullet Knife - R18948
Remington Rifle/Shotgun Sack - R18494Remington Rifle/Shotgun Sack - R18494
Remington Rem-DriLube ORMD - R18396Remington Rem-DriLube ORMD - R18396
Remington ORMD Rem-DriLube. Dry spray lubricant leaves a dry TEFLON coating for smoother, faster firearm action. Long-lasting lubrication for all weather conditions. Stays where applied - won't creep, run or drip. 4 oz. aerosol container. For use on firearms and most other outdoor equipment. This item is ORMD and can not ship AIR.
Remington Rem Oil With Moistureguard - R18378Remington Rem Oil With Moistureguard - R18378
Remington Moisture Guard ORMD Rust Preventative Rem Oil with Teflon Lubricant. 6 oz. bottle. Guards hunting, fishing and marine gear from rust and corrosion. Displaces moisture. Lubricates, cleans and protects. Bulk packed.
Remington Sportsman FAST Linerlock - R18220Remington Sportsman FAST Linerlock - R18220
Remington Sportsman FAST Linerlock - R18219Remington Sportsman FAST Linerlock - R18219
Remington Sportsman FAST Linerlock - R18214Remington Sportsman FAST Linerlock - R18214
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