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Ranger knives

Ranger knives are a brand of knives made by Justin Gingrich, a former ranger himself in the armed forces. Justin spent 10 years in the forces. He spent his time split three ways between the 3rd Ranger Battalion, the Ranger Training Brigade and the 20th SF group. When he left and spent some time with the American Tomahawk Company before setting up in business on his own. His custom knives have gained a following of loyal purchasers who anxiously await each new release he produces. Shank models and Shiv models as well as littler bird models are just some of the many variants he has made. He uses 1095 carbon steel, Paracord wrapping on the handles (which can be re-done at any time by the user and also uses heavy duty Nylon sheaths. There is plenty to look at with the Ranger knives. Why not take a look below.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Ranger Karambit Trainer - BRK-RN9466TRanger Karambit Trainer - BRK-RN9466T
Ranger EOD Karambit Knife - RN9466Ranger EOD Karambit Knife - RN9466
Ranger TFI Black - RN9442BMRanger TFI Black - RN9442BM
Ranger Falcon w/Nylon Sheath - BRK-RN8673Ranger Falcon w/Nylon Sheath - BRK-RN8673
Ranger Kerambit EOD Nylon Sheath - BRK-RN8672
Ranger RD 6 w/Nylon Sheath - BRK-RN8675
Ranger RD Hawk Pick w/Nylon Sheath - BRK-RN8676
Ranger TFI Fixed Blade Nylon Sheath - BRK-RN8678
Ranger Hawk Trainer - BRK-RN9425T
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