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R Murphy knives

R Murphy knives are a great range of knives that looks elegant and tough. Established back in 1850, R Murphy knives are made sharp and stay sharp. Their “New Sharp” knives are fantastic. With more than 150 years of knife manufacturing experience, this is one company you can trust whether you are looking for professional industrial r home use based knives. Their blades represent impressive value and steely determination. Each R Murphy knife is accurately hardened, precision ground, finely tempered and then hand honed and polished to give the ultimate edge. The R Murphy company (as it is now known) was originally established in 1850 in Boston, MA by John Murphy and was known as Cutler. When his brother Robert joined him, the company changed to become J & R Murphy. Over the years, the brand grew and changed direction as well as moved a number of times to various premises. Later in 1934, the Stay Sharp name was trademarked. Through various incarnations and retirements, the company is now managed by Mark A. Furman when it was purchased in 2009, and the range of knives continue to exceed peoples expectations.
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