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Queen Cutlery knives

When it comes to well known makers of finely crafted pocket knives, Queen Cutlery is a name people think of straight away. Their factory is located in Titusville, PA, which is about 2 hours northeast of Pittsburgh. Even though all the manufacturing is done in the factory at Titusville, most of the other functions like sales, accounting and customer services are handled in Franklinville NY, at the site of their sister company Ontario Knife Company. Queen Cutlery goes back to the Schatt and Morgan Cutlery Company which was founded in Gowanda NY in 1890 and then moved to Titusville in 1895. The original Schatt and Morgan factory still houses Queens Cutlery, and many of the delicate hand processed and operations employed by Schatt and Morgan are still being used by Queen. Skilled craftsman are essential to build a factory knife by hand and while it does not lead to mass production or low prices, the results are beautiful, functional knives.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Queen Cutlery HERITAGE STAG BONE - SM1196Queen Cutlery HERITAGE STAG BONE - SM1196
Queen Cutlery HERITAGE ROSEWOOD - SM1195Queen Cutlery HERITAGE ROSEWOOD - SM1195
Queen Cutlery HERITAGE  EBONY - SM1193Queen Cutlery HERITAGE EBONY - SM1193
Queen Cutlery SERIES XVI MINI 4 BLD PL CONGR - M054230Queen Cutlery SERIES XVI MINI 4 BLD PL CONGR - M054230
Queen Cutlery (4482) RAIL SPLITTER 4 BLADE - M044163Queen Cutlery (4482) RAIL SPLITTER 4 BLADE - M044163
Queen Cutlery 2011 S& M HERITAGE SERIES SET - M4528/4527Queen Cutlery 2011 S& M HERITAGE SERIES SET - M4528/4527
Queen Cutlery DISPLAY ONLY - 4452Queen Cutlery DISPLAY ONLY - 4452
Queen Cutlery XVII DISPLAY CASE ONLY - M4486
Queen Cutlery HERITAGE EBONY - SM1213 1/4
Queen Cutlery HERITAGE ROSEWOOD - SM1215 1/4
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