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Pro Force outdoor gear

The Pro-Force brand of outdoor and military strength tools and gear are a range of products to come from the Highlander company. Highlander is a company who are best known for their military rucksacks that have airflow back systems and improved weight distribution. Highlander rucksacks have become a firm favorite among the armed forces and cadets. The Pro Force range was launched in 2009 and is geared towards outdoor use, with a wide range of gear that includes the likes of mosquito nets for outdoor sleeping, floor mats, outdoor clothing and survival and bushcraft essentials. The company is based in Scotland, UK and is a family owned business with over 25 years experience which now features more than 1200 product lines. Whether it is an outdoor expedition or military use, the Highlander Pro Force range makes the most sense. Whether it is fire starting, emergency survival, limb removal of animals, or simply camp cutlery, there is a pro-Force product to more than meet your needs. Highly recommended.
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