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Princeton flashlights

Princeton flashlights are an American manufacturer who have enjoyed more than 35 years of being bright. Since 1975 they have led the way when it comes to flashlights, headlights, scuba lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting and tactical lighting. They continue to innovate year on year with exciting products for people who enjoy the great outdoors. Almost every conceivable method of illumination is on offer, ranging from Zenon bulbs through to Ultrabright LEDs. You can choose single, bright Maxbright LEDs or enjoy groups of Ultrabright LEDs for varying tasks. There are even flashlights that let you adjust the lights brightness, and adjust through multiple beams so that you can use the light for close up work or distance work. Please enjoy our hand picked listings below.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Princeton Byte LED Headlamp Black/Gray - PT01547Princeton Byte LED Headlamp Black/Gray - PT01547
Princeton Tec Byte LED Headlamp 2 1/8 overall. 3 mode switch: 1 maxbright LED on high with visibility up to 30 meters, 1 maxbright LED on low with visibility up to 15 meters and 1 ultrabright red LED with visibility up to 6 meters. 35 lumens. Water resistant. Runtime: up to 146 hours. Features single arm bracket. Includes black elastic head strap with logo. Uses two AAA batteries (included). Lithium compatible. Weighs: 64g. Hang card packaged."
Princeton Remix Headlamp Red - PT01473Princeton Remix Headlamp Red - PT01473
Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp. Measures approximately 2 1/4 x 1 3/8" overall. Single white Maxbright LED and 3 red Ultrabright LEDs. 70 lumens. Beam distance: up to 141ft. Features an asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure and large four mode push button switch. Compact, water resistant and lightweight. Black head strap with PrincetonTec logo. Runtime: up to 200 hours. Uses three AAA batteries (included). Hang packaged. Made in U.S.A."
Princeton Remix Headlamp Green - PT01472Princeton Remix Headlamp Green - PT01472
Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp. 1 1/2 x 2 1/4". Three green LED's and one Maxbright LED. 45 lumens. Water resistant. Hinged bracket will clip to pocket or (included) headstrap. Uses three AAA batteries (included). Hang packaged. Made in USA."
Princeton Remix Headlamp - PT01470Princeton Remix Headlamp - PT01470
Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp. Features one Maxbright Hybrid LED and 3 Ultrabright LED's. Up to 45 lumen output. Also features asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure, and large push button 4 mode power switch. Water resistant construction. Uses 3 AAA batteries (included). Up to 200 hour burn time per battery set when using lowest setting. Nylon head strap with Princeton Tec logo. Packaged on cardboard display card with hanging tab.
Princeton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp APXC-EXTPrinceton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp APXC-EXT
Princeton Tec Apex Extreme. One long range 3 watt MaxBright LED, 4 close range LEDs, powered by a convenient 8 AA battery pack that can be attached to belt or pants. 4 light levels and safety flash mode. Current regulation ensures constant brightness as long as the batteries have sufficient voltage. Head pivots up and down. Submersible to 1 meter (not dive rated). Nylon battery pack with belt clip and 50 cord. 8 AA batteries (included), compatible with alkaline, lithium or rechargeable batteries. Made in USA."
Princeton Tec Fuel LED Headlamp FUEL4-BKPrinceton Tec Fuel LED Headlamp FUEL4-BK
Princeton Tec Fuel. Compact and lightweight. Three super-bright Nichia LEDs. 16 lumens of white light. Three AAA batteries (included) provide power for up to 150 hours of continuous use. There are four power output levels including low, medium and high, along with an emergency fast-flash strobe feature. Water resistant for use in rain or drizzle. Hang packaged.
Princeton EOS Headlamp - PT01237Princeton EOS Headlamp - PT01237
Princeton Tec Tactical EOS. One-watt LED bulb operates in high, medium, low and flashing modes to meet your up-close and distance needs. Current regulation ensures constant brightness as long as the batteries have sufficient voltage. In the strongest mode, LED shines an impressive 56m. Colored interchangeable lens covers. Waterproof to 1m. Includes three AAA batteries. Made in USA.
Princeton Quad Tactical LED Headlamp - PT01235Princeton Quad Tactical LED Headlamp - PT01235
Princeton Tec Quad Tactical LED Headlamp. Lightweight polycarbonate housing. Adjustable nylon head strap. Four ultra bright LEDs with 21 lumen output. Regulated LEDs maintain initial brightness. Waterproof to 1 meter. 4 mode switch. Burn time up to 150 hours on low setting. Maximum beam distance of 50 meters. Uses three AAA alkaline batteries (included). May also use lithium or rechargeable batteries. Made in U.S.A. Lifetime warranty. Hang packaged.
Princeton Tec Apec Pro Headlamp APXR-PRO-BKPrinceton Tec Apec Pro Headlamp APXR-PRO-BK
Princeton Tec Apex Pro. 3-watt LED with optimized lens is surrounded with an array of four standard LEDs for stepped down, Power conserving light. Rearmounted, water-tight battery case. Flashing emergency strobe. Includes a battery power meter. Resistance to water, weather and environmental conditions. Includes two CR123 lithium batteries. Made in USA.
Princeton Yukon HL Hybrid LED - PT00782Princeton Yukon HL Hybrid LED - PT00782
Princeton Tec Yukon HL Hybrid LED. The first of its kind LED hybrid headlamp. The Yukon¨ HL employs the advanced technology of a state of the art, one watt LED and three high output five-millimeter LEDs. When you need extreme brightness and distance that rivals the high output typical to incandescent halogen and xenon bulbs, flip on the one watt LED. With the quick press of a button, you can switch to the three LEDs, configured in a unique triangular design for when you require long burn time for close-up applications. LED life of up to 10,000+ hours. Water resistant. Adjustable beam. Burn time of 25-120 hours. Uses three AA batteries (included). Weighs 8 oz. with batteries.
Princeton Impulse LED - PT00767Princeton Impulse LED - PT00767
Princeton Tec Impulse. 1 1/4 x 2 1/2". Single white LED. 10 lumens. Black plastic construction. Remove hat clip to attach carabiner. Includes two CR2016 lithium batteries. Hang packaged."
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