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Paul Chen swords

Paul Chen swords are some of the finest in the world. Hanwei is the company name for his craftsmanship and they combine traditional craftsmanship with modern tooling and metallurgy. The company is based in Dalian in China and was formed in 1993 after a period of making his own swords because he was unable to purchase the expensive offerings available on the market at the time. Paul Chen had a fascination of swords as he was growing up in Taiwan and this led him to make his own. Through his early successes, he eventually became a full time maker and moved to Dalian (affectionately known as the “steel city” of northern China). Hanwei also performs a restoration service of Samurai swords, and through this service they have amassed an incredible amount of knowledge about ancient swords, and Samurai swords have become the cornerstone of their business. If it simply has to be original and authentic, choose Hanwei, and remember the name Paul Chen
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