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Otter Box

Otterbox represents years and years of entrepreneurial spirit being nourished and challenged by a young Curt Richardson who thrived on the idea of business. As a child he would charge people to use a shooting gallery in his garage and even did a lawn mowing service while at school. Because he couldnt drive at the time, he had to rig his bicycle like a sidecar to pull the mower along. He even got a job mowing for the IRS. Through the years he began experimenting and developed a line of waterproof cases. The name Otterbox came up on a car journey with his wife, notably because Otter fur is waterproof, this became a fitting company name. They now also manufacture a wide range of Otterbox cases for many cellphones and tablet computers. Otterboxes are help to protect things when dropped or scratched and protect from dust. With impact resistant silicone and internal cushioning their cell cases are super. Their general purpose waterproof boxes are also crushproof and are great for hikers, surfers, kayakers etc.
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