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Otis gun cleaning kits

Otis technology manufacture the best firearm cleaning kit in the world. They are the industry standard for the US armed forces and law enforcement personnel, so you can spend more time shooting and less time cleaning. Experience the difference an Otis gun cleaning kit makes. The company is based in Lyon Falls, New York and make all their own products in their 67,000 square foot facility. Every kit is made in in the USA. The company began in 1985 when Doreen Garrett Otis technology was established at her parents home in the town of Leyden, operating from the family horse barn. They moved to their current location in 1997 and have grown since then, expanding their facility a few times to accommodate the growth. As a child she grew up watching her grandfather, and her father (name Otis) regularly cleaning their guns and this passion is the driving force behind the company brand and name. Their combo cleaning kits are named “The Whole Kaboodle”, essentially meaning you can do a full clean while out in the field. Keep your gun in its prime so that it performs precisely every single time, safely and assuredly.
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Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit - OTS1000Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit - OTS1000
Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit. Designed to clean and maintain all rifles, shotguns and pistols from .177 caliber air pistols and BB guns up to .50 caliber BMG and 10 gauge shotguns. Includes over 200 pieces: T-handle, large obstruction remover, small obstruction remover, shot gun brush adapter, small and large patch savers, .22 caliber slotted tip, .30 caliber slotted tip, shotgun slotted tip. Otis Precision .22, .25, .27, .30, .35, .38, .41, .45 & .50 caliber bore and chamber brushes in protective tubes. Otis Precision .410, .28, .20, .16 and .12 gauge brushes in protective tubes. .177 and 22 caliber short brushes. 100 all-caliber patches, 50 small-caliber patches, 36 Memory-Flex Rod, 30" Memory-Flex Rod, 34" Memory-Flex Rod, 12" Memory-Flex Rod and two 8" Memory-Flex Rods. NATO adapter for .22 chamber brush, threaded connector, bore reflector and chamber flag. Otis Scraper and Punch Set. Long receiver brush. Two bottles of Otis Premium Bore Cleaner. Printed instruction manual and video instructions on a micro CD. Soft belt case for in the field carry. All items store neatly in soft side black zippered nylon case with lock."
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