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Ole Smoky knives

Ole Smoky knives was a brand of knives around quite some time ago. These days, and in recent years the brand was revived by a few different companies and manufacturers such as Bear, Frost, Parkers and SMKW. Some were made out in Solingen, Germany and some in the USA, and even some were made in Pakistan. Thankfully they are all slick knives and still made to great standards, so this is one brand you will be happy to get a hold of. You can find Ole Smoky knives with some great materials being used, including wood handles, Buffalo handles, Brass bolsters and stainless steel. Each of the designs we showcase below are generally faithful reproductions that are as good ass the originals with modern workmanship and up to date materials. This means you get to enjoy the continuing designs with a more modern feel. Some of these designs are tantalisingly good looking and will certainly draw a crowd when you bring them out to play. Feel free to browse our collection as shown below.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Ole Smoky Green Valley Skinner - OS51Ole Smoky Green Valley Skinner - OS51
Ole Smoky Green Valley Skinner 7 1/2 overall. 3 1/2" stainless blade. Full tang. Second cut bone handles with nickel silver bolster. Brown leather belt sheath."
Ole Smoky Dakota Mini Skinner - OS31Ole Smoky Dakota Mini Skinner - OS31
Ole Smoky Dakota Mini Skinner. 7 1/2 overall. 3 1/2" stainless blade. Full tang. Second cut bone handles with brass guard and pommel. Suede leather belt sheath with fringe."
Ole Smoky Stag Lockback - BRK-OS89
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