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Novelty Cutlery

Novelty Cutlery is a company who were based in China, and ceased production in 1948. They made a range of character based cutlery including knives. The name Novelty Cutlery has been revived with these latest incarnations but they are not made by the original company. The knives listed below revive the ideas and designs that surrounded the original company, and are supplied at very low costs so that anybody of any age with any budget can enjoy the designs. While low in costs, they can be used and tested to destruction if you want to, and a simple replacement will be inexpensive down the line. With regular everyday use, the knives will last long enough, even a quick resharpen will bring back the blade edge. Various characters and personalities are featured on the colorful handles. Whether it is the lone range, Gene Autry or Roy Rogers there is a design for you. Sometimes you do not need a high end knife. For fans of certain characters, a low cost knife is plenty to put a smile upon a face. Enjoy stainless steel blades, stag handles, Nickel Silver bolsters and acrylic handles. The range is diverse, the characters are plentiful and for the price you simply can not go wrong.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Novelty Cutlery The Brotherhood - NV260Novelty Cutlery The Brotherhood - NV260
Novelty Cutlery Dont Tread On Me Barlow - NV257Novelty Cutlery Dont Tread On Me Barlow - NV257
Novelty Cutlery Heart Necklace - NV224Novelty Cutlery Heart Necklace - NV224
Novelty Cutlery Heart Necklace Abalone. 22 silver plate chain. Heart charm with abalone onlays and two miniature knife blades hidden inside. Velvet slip pouch."
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