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North American knives

From the Atlanta Cutlery Corporation comes the North American range of knives, axes and tomahawks. They started out in 1971 as a mail order company selling hard to find knives and hunting items that were located all over the world. The company has grown and grown, and through their educated and dedicated staff members who are all discliplined in various aspect of arms, armoury and imitation theatrical props, they offer an extensive line of products which replicate period items but are very well made and work as a real knife is supposed to – so these are the real deal! Modern day equivalents made to authentic original designs that will impress you. If you insist upon having the best, then align yourself with North American knives from the Atlanta Cutlery Corporation because they understand the need for historically accurate and battle worthy weapons for the growing interest in medieval armoury and weapons. Take a closer look from the selections below.
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