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Normark knives

The Normark Corporation is a subsidiary of Rapala VMC Corp, and are based out of Minnesota. The company was founded in 1959. They deal in quite a wide range of products ranging from fishing tackle, outdoor sporting goods and hunting gear including knives, knife sharpeners and even outboard motors, backpacks, underwear, boots and winter sports. Rapal has a strong heritage for making the best fishing lures in the world, and they came about in the 1930s when Lauri Rapal says that big fish eat little fish, especially little fish that are wounded. In a school of minnows, big fish would always dive in aand eat the one that wobbled time after time, so this is how his wobbly lure came into existence and is superb at catching the big fish. Its time for the hunter to be hunted. The Rapala brand now owns the Normark brand so they can encompass all areas of life relating to the great outdoors. Along the way they introduced the Rapala Filet knives so millions of fishermen could enjoy the fish they caught. Rapal really understands fish, and Rapal has stood the test of time, that is why their Normark knives and sharpeners will continue to impress for generations to come, as they have done in the past. As long as fish go for the injured fish, Normark will be an attractive proposition.
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