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Nite watches

Nite watches are a revered name in the field of Military, Adventure & Sports watches. They are a brand name of Nite International, a British company based in Dorset, in the south of England. They incorporate the best materials and components that include Swiss self-powered GTLS illumination. Roger Green set up Nite in 2004 after developing another successful brand in Europe. The watches have been designed with withstand very harsh conditions and environments. The watches also had to meet other equally stringent and important standards such as being able to be worn with pride socially and also being accepted in the corporate world. Within these fine looking watches you can expect to come across such features as the MBS Multiple Bezel System, 316 Aviation grade stainless steel, Sapphire Crystal Anti-Reflective Lenses, Swiss Movements & Chronographs, NATO approved stock numbers, battery life up to 10 years in length, water resistance up to 300 meters and double seals, screw in lug pins, double Polymer band and twin buckles and more. The rare GTLS illumination technology (Gaseous Tritium Light Source) makes use of emitted electrons exciting a phosphorous coating to produce a continuous light source that will usually last 10-20 years. NO matter what the situation is, you can see a Nite watch any time of the day or night.
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