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Night Ops optics

Night Ops is a brand name of the highly respected tactical gear manufacture known as Blackhawk industries. They manufacture a wide range of tactical flashlights designed for covert use, military operations and bush based expeditions. Blackhawk also deal with many other military related products. Blackhawk was founded in 1993 by a former US Navy Seal known as Mike Noell who set out to become the best dealer and manufacturer of special operations units worldwide. He is famously know for dropping his gear in a minefield and thinking that if he ever gets out of it alive he would build his own gear so buddies wouldnt have to go through what he went through. The Night Ops range of flashlights are covertly colored and designed and rugged enough to withstand the rigours of almost any environment. They all have names which are representative of the sort of words used in these situations. Names include such things as The Night Ops Legacy, the Night Ops Ally, the Night Ops Sentinel and the Night Ops Conquest. They are all high quality, compact, lightweight and durable. Aircraft Aluminum bodies and high powered light sources form part of the design make up. Whether it is a tactical flashlight, flashlight mount or carry case, the Night Ops brand will certainly appeal to those who thrive on conquests.
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