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Nemesis knives

Stunning, visually appealing and fantastically brilliant knives come out of the Nemesis Knives brand. This company who is based in Los Alamitos, CA is a company that draws upon the knowledge gained over 10 years as a custom knife maker by Jeff Hall and also Joel Pirela of Pirela blade design. Between them they are able to present fantastic knife designs, taking them to wider audiences all whole using some of the best manufacturing processes available. Laser and water jet cutting is used to ensure tight tolerances, but each knife is always hand assembled, finished and scrutinized before it leaves the workshop. For simply the best in high quality, high cailber and fresh designs, take a look at the Nemesis knife range. Prepare to be blown away. These designs are modern, funky and very very impressive.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Nemesis Titanium Money Clip - NE17Nemesis Titanium Money Clip - NE17
Nemesis Ti-Card II - NE3BNemesis Ti-Card II - NE3B
Nemesis Ti-Card II W/Bottle Opener. Measures 2 x 3 1/4" (the same size as a credit card). Lightweight anodized titanium construction. One corner is sharpened for those on the spot cutting tasks. Integrated bottle opener. Non magnetic construction will not affect the magnetic data strips on credit cards."
Nemesis Hellion Neck Knife - NE4Nemesis Hellion Neck Knife - NE4
Nemesis Hellion Neck Knife. Standard Edge Blade. One piece S30V stainless construction. 4 1/8 overall, 1 5/8" blade. Handle features machined hole cutouts. Molded black Kydex® sheath. Neck chain. Bulk packed. Made in Japan."
Nemesis Holey Moley Linerlock - BRK-NE18Nemesis Holey Moley Linerlock - BRK-NE18
Nemesis MPR-1 Lockback - BRK-NE19Nemesis MPR-1 Lockback - BRK-NE19
Nemesis MPR-1 Lockback Black - BRK-NE19BLKNemesis MPR-1 Lockback Black - BRK-NE19BLK
Nemesis MPR-1 Lockback Blue - BRK-NE19BLUNemesis MPR-1 Lockback Blue - BRK-NE19BLU
Nemesis MPR2 Linerlock - BRK-NE21Nemesis MPR2 Linerlock - BRK-NE21
Nemesis MPR-2T Linerlock - BRK-NE21TNemesis MPR-2T Linerlock - BRK-NE21T
Nemesis MPR3 Lockback - BRK-NE22Nemesis MPR3 Lockback - BRK-NE22
Nemesis MPR3 Lockback Tanto - BRK-NE22TNemesis MPR3 Lockback Tanto - BRK-NE22T
Nemesis Hellion Neck Knife 2-Tone - BRK-NE4TTNemesis Hellion Neck Knife 2-Tone - BRK-NE4TT

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