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N-rit flashlights

N-rit are a brand of flashlights and cap lights developed and owned by the Korean Naschem company who were originally founded in 1983 as a nambang specialization industry and commerce company. The company grew through the years, became incorporated in 1990, and moved to a new factory at Gajwa-dong, Incheon, Korea. It is a distributor and quality exporter worldwide, who have actually won numerous awards due to their unwavering commitment to being the best in all that they do. N-rit literally translates as “nature+spirit = natural spirit”. Their cap lights and self charging dynamo flashlights have been thoroughly tested and patented by them before being offered for sale. The crank dynamo flashlights simply operate by winding the crank for instant light whenever you need it. Their cap lights are simply clipped on to the front peak of the light and come in a few different configurations. Three bulbs with White light or three bulbs with Ultraviolet light (ideally suited for fishing). They also offer a mini lantern which is great whenever you decide to stop and set up camp for the night. Whatever you need, you can enjoy with the peace of mind knowing that this robust Korean company brand called N-Rit is a very high quality name you can trust.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
N-rit Little Giant Cap Light 3 LEDs Small LightweightN-rit Little Giant Cap Light 3 LEDs Small Lightweight
You are looking at one of the best cap lights we have ever featured. Extremely small and lightweight, this is the N-rit little giant cap light, model number NR308G6W. Now there is no longer a need to wear heavy cap lights that weigh you down. This is portable and will put a smile upon your face.
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