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Myerchin knives

Myerchin, Inc. is an exciting knife and tool manufacturer who have been in business since 1984, producing some of the best rigging knives ever made. As a small family owned company, you can still get to speak with the owner John Myerchin or one of his close family members. In the early days they specialized in the production of rigging knives and the US navy, US Coast Guard, US Army, merchant marines and sailors around the world were their customers. If you ever ask any sailor about Myerchin knives they will probably respond with “the best rigging knives in the world”. John has undergone several tests, such as following in the path of the 1897 Klondike gold seekers and tested out his knives along the way. His Lightknife was used for all sorts of extremely demanding tasks, even the spreading of peanut butter onto bagels. Even though this company is small and relatively unknown, for more than 25 years they have seriously surpassed the expectations of countless sea faring men and women and have been tested in some of the most inhospitable environments known to man. For some of the greatest pocket folders, sailors tools, marlin spikes and sheepsfoot blade cutting knives, check out these indispensable offerings below. If you intend to journey out onto the ocean you should always keep a Myerchin knife and tool at your side. The last name in Ocean based assistance.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Myerchin Generation 2 Titanium Captain - MYT300Myerchin Generation 2 Titanium Captain - MYT300
Myerchin Titanium Professional Crew Knife MYT377Myerchin Titanium Professional Crew Knife MYT377
Here is the delightful Myerchin Titanium professional nautical rigging crew knife – model number MYT377. Lighter and stronger than steel, the Titanium handle means this has to be the ultimate in rigging knives. Probably why so many people love the Myerchin brand of fishing tools and knives.
Myerchin Offshore MYBW300P 440 Crew Marlin SpikeMyerchin Offshore MYBW300P 440 Crew Marlin Spike
From Myerchin knives comes this MYBW300P knife that is perfect for offshore crews needing to deal with every aspect of rigging. Full of promise and full of strength, it won't let you down when it is most needed.
Myerchin Generation 2 Captain - MYBW300Myerchin Generation 2 Captain - MYBW300
Myerchin Offshore Wood Handles. 4 3/4 closed. 440 stainless locking sheepsfoot blade with shackle slot and marlin spike. Wood handles with brushed stainless bolsters. Shackle acts as lock-release mechanism. Black nylon belt sheath."
Myerchin Generation 2 Captain Pro - MYB300PMyerchin Generation 2 Captain Pro - MYB300P
Myerchin Offshore Folder. Partially Serrated. 4 3/4 closed. Locking partially serrated stainless sheepsfoot style blade and marlin spike. Shackle acts as lock-release mechanism. Black micarta handles with stainless bolsters. Black cordura belt sheath."
Myerchin Generation 2 Titanium Crew Pro - MYA377PMyerchin Generation 2 Titanium Crew Pro - MYA377P
Myerchin Offshore Crew. Partially Serrated. 3 3/4 closed. Partially serrated 440 stainless locking sheepsfoot style blade and marlin spike. Shackle acts as lock-release mechanism. Stainless handles. Black nylon belt sheath."
Myerchin Marlin Spike - BRK-MYA008
Myerchin Marlin Spike With Sheath - BRK-MYA009
Myerchin Leather Sheath for Systems - BRK-MYA016
Myerchin Off Shore System White - BRK-MYA100
Myerchin Generation 2 Off Shore System - BRK-MYA100P
Myerchin Safety Dive System - BRK-MYA508
Myerchin Generation 2 Safety Dive Knife - BRK-MYA510P
Myerchin Generation 2 Captain - BRK-MYAF300
Myerchin Generation 2 Captain Bone - BRK-MYAF300P
Myerchin Generation 2 Crew Bone - BRK-MYAF377
Myerchin Generation 2 Off-Shore System - BRK-MYB100P
Myerchin Generation 2 Captain Pro G10 - BRK-MYBF300
Myerchin Generation 2 Crew Pro G10 - BRK-MYBF377
Myerchin Galley Chefs Knife Damascus - BRK-MYG100
Myerchin Generation 2 Rigging Framelock - BRK-MYTF300P
Myerchin Generation 2 Pro Wood - BRK-MYW100
Myerchin Generation 2 Pro Wood - BRK-MYW100P
Myerchin Generation 2 Crew Linerlock - BRK-MYWF377
Myerchin Generation 2 Crew Pro - BRK-MYWF377P
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