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For the ultimate in 2 way radio, many outdoor specialists like to use Motorola to keep them connected when away from the safety and comfort of home. You need to know you can rely on a well established and trusted brand name. Motorola have been surpassing peoples expectations since as early as 1928 in the field of communications and electronics. Motorola actually made the equipment that carried the first words from the moon in 1963! IN 1983 they then became the leaders with the next communications evolution which was for the first handheld cellular phone and system as well as introducing a scanner which set the standard for the industry. When Paul V. Galvin and his brother Joseph founded Galvin Manufcaturing Corporation on September 25th 1928 little did they realise how big the company would become and how it would shape the world as we know it today. They developed the name Motorola after success with a car radio they developed which combined the words Motor (from the car) and Ola (which means sound) so it literally meant sound in motion. Because of the success of this first Motorola branded radio, they changed the name in 1947 to Motorola, Inc. and have never looked back. They have gone on to develop televisions sets, high powered transistors and two-way radios. A well known name, but with a lot of history behind it – you can trust in Motorola.
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