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Mossy Oak

Its not a passion,. Its an obsession. That is the motto behind the famous Mossy Oak company who have been designing the worlds best camouflage patterns for more than 20 years. When Toxey Haas dropped a bag of dirt and leaves onto the counter of a fabric company 20 years ago he got laughed at because they thought he was a little bit crazy. If only they knew then that they were on the brink of something extraordinary. He asked them “can you print fabric that looks like the stuff in the bag”. If were were ever going to blend in with nature then we would have to have colors that mimicked nature. Toxeys first designs revolutionised the industry. They featured the Full Foliage, Fall Foliage, Greenleaf, Treestand and Bottomland designs and got people talking. Through testing they soon realized they had overlooked something strikingly obvious – the use of shadows. These shadows are everywhere in life and so he set about a redesign and soon the Mossy Oak Breakup design was born which featured strategically placed shadows which did an unbelievable job of helping people to truly blend in for the first time in life. The effects was absolutely stunning. The company has since gone on to produce a range of designs that work equally well in different situations ranging from duck marshes to desert situations. Their Mossy Oak New Breakup also incorporates images representing tree bark which replicate the effect of shadows cast by tree branches that are in front of the pattern, making an almost 3D looking design which is startlingly good. Their Mossy Oak Obsession design is ideally suited to outdoor terrain where the land is more open, while their Mossy Oak Duck Blind is superb for waterfowl flyways. Their Treestand design was developed in 2008 and was designed for elevated use, such as when standing in front of a tree. These days Mossy Oak has 20 years of passion inside of them and they also deal in other outdoor items and apparel as well. Check out their latest 20th anniversary folder knives. Designed for the outdoor enthusiast.
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