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Mora Morakniv knives

With strong and proud Swedish roots, the Mora Morakniv range of knives has an impressively large following around the world. These fine knives are found in hundreds of thousands of homes, workshops and survival kits of millions of people. These hugely popular belt knives started out as every day all purpose knives in Scandinavia for many long years. Carpenters and other hobbyists used them as well as being found in kitchens and homes for a wide range of uses. Since then, they have been used in the art of bushcraft, and have found considerable favor among bushcraft enthusiasts due to their simple and no fuss construction, and thankfully low price ranges. TV bushcraft presenters such as Ray Mears recommend the Mora Morakniv knives so there must be something good in them. In years gone by, traditionally made Mora knives (the Swedish equivalent is Morakniv) would have been made by using three slabs of steel and then forging them together. The center piece of steel would be a tougher grade such as crucible steel, with softer steels on the outsides, so that they can be sharpened, and then the strength would be in the core of the knife. This traditional steel forging method dates right back to medieval times when swordsmiths went about their activities. These days, you will find two distinct styles of mora knife – a synthetic handled version and then the traditionally designed classic styled knives. These Mora Morakniv knives are made out of either stainless steel, high carbon steel and then a laminated steel by Mora of Sweden. Over the years the knives would have been made by either KJ Eriksson or Frosts Knivfabrik. In 2008 the two companies became one and now operate under the name Mora of Sweden. You can pronounce the name more by saying it with a long o, for example: moo-ra. If you are looking for something exciting and different then have no fear in exploring the extremely well made knives by Mora Morakniv. They make for a really great alternative to what is normally on offer out there – so feel free to take the plunge and explore the items we stock below.
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