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Mission knives

Mission knives are a knife manufacturer and dealer based in Garden Grove, CA and are known as the premier deal of Titanium and Steel knives that meet the specifications of the U.S. Armed Forces. They produce knives that are not only unique in their design but which are also unique for their composition. Mission knives are made using a special blend of materials that include Titanium and are pretty much indestructible. They are designed to last a very long time without any corrosion. Their knives are in use with the US Navy Seals and Marine Recon and have been for more than 12 years. With their proprietary blend of materials they are perfectly developed for any marine based activities as Titanium will not rust in saltwater, as well as being able to perfectly handle cold temperatures and any outdoor activities thrown at them. Each knife is 100% made in the USA using USA parts. For some of the toughest knives in the world, consider a knife of Mission Knives.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Mission MBK-TI G10 Serrated - BRK-MS0317PS
Mission MPS-Ti Black G10 - BRK-MS0717PS
Mission MPS-Ti - BRK-MS0718
Mission MPT-A2 - BRK-MS1701PS
Mission MPT-A2 Black G10 - BRK-MS1717PS
Mission Patch - BRK-MSP
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